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- Come visit our Sidecar Museum.

- Look through our Gift Shop for cool stuff. A fun place to shop for gifts.

- Talk Motorcycles and Sidecars and More...

Motorcycle Sidecars And More and Recycle is located on
6 Terrio Street in Howland, Maine. The 3600 square foot building
houses two great businesses that are merging into one.

call Ed for an appointment at:
(207) 290-2301

or E;Mail

Motorcycle Sidecars And More was formed from Ed's love of sidecars.
He has mounted and repaired many motorcycle sidecars and has taken his love of sidecars one step further.
He set up a sidecar museum and show room in Howland and welcomes everyone with a love of motorcycles
or sidecars to stop by and take a look. Our inventory changes and at any given time we usually have a dozen or
so sidecars on the floor plus a gift shop. Have a sidecar question? Call Ed at (207) 290-2301
Adding a sidecar to your current motorcycle can provide the following benefits:
  • Greater stability
  • More storage for shopping or picking up passengers
  • Much better fuel mileage than a second car, usually 40-60 miles per gallon
  • Besides, kids and dogs love sidecars!

While your bike is sitting this Winter, have the ultimate accessory installed:
A Motorcycle Sidecar

Call for a quote: (207) 290-2301
Ask for Ed, the Sidecar Guy

Take a ride and come visit.
We're At 6 Terrio Street in Howland, Maine 04448
Only A Mile East Of I-95 Exit 217

Authorized Dealer for>

Business Hours

- Open Tuesday through Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

- Gift Shop and Sidecar Museum open 7 days a week by appointment. Call (207)290-2301.

You'll find models, action toys, Kites and more in our Gift Shop Look over this classic Royal Enfield and its
related WW II memoribilia in our Museum